Hey Everyone!

How are y'all out there? I hope well. The little shop is on hiatus for a bit. We're trying to get the work shed finished up this month and that takes a lot of time, muscles, and endurance! I think we're in the final push. There are a lot of moving parts to get all the puzzle pieces to fit together.

If you follow me over on Facebook, Instagram or You tube you'll see some videos of the work I'm doing right now on the shop. Lots of hot, hot days painting walls and ceilings at the moment. I'm looking forward to working on the brick panel wall, but I think I'll wait until the a/c is installed. It's coming along nicely but it will take all of my energy this month, As I mentioned in my last blog, I'm also heading back to my folks place for a bit to take care of some of my moms things. Which will take some strength as well.  

In between all of that, we'll try to take a little time here and there to catch our breath out on the desert somewhere. It's amazing to me how much it can remove pressure and stress just by driving out of the city a bit and standing in the hot wind, watching a sunset or enjoying some cool desert mountain views.

I'm careening around the curving road of life still but when I take a minute to stop, take a deep breath of that desert air, play with the puppies, hold hubby's hand while we walk along a dusty path looking for something to photograph. In that moment, I find a better version of myself and I know it's all going to be ok.

Go! Find yourself a bit of respite, take in the breath, take advantage of the moment. I promise it'll be worth it. (but remember to take some water with you!}

Alright lovelies

Be Gentle With Yourselves There's Only One You

With Love - Hubby and I and Jack and Diane!


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