June is tomorrow!

Summer is upon us! What are you looking forward to this summer? What plans do you have? I have a very large list! Here in New Mexico we've had a very hot, very windy, very dry and very firey spring. The wildfires have been huge, some are contained, some are dying down, some are staying the same and some are growing. We are so very grateful for the fire crews who are unrelenting in their fight against these beasts.

Which means what we're looking forward to the most are our summer monsoons.  In fact I think the monsoons are the highlights of our summers. They're different than rains in other areas where there is humidity. In those areas it seems to make things hotter after a good downpour. Here, every afternoon it gets really hot, then the storm clouds brood and gather. Next they release the rain upon a parched land, leaving it joyful and much cooler! It will stay cooled down until the next day. I think the monsoons are just glorious. I just can't wait to see them again!

I also have many plans this summer. I think I'll be able to get my gardens back in order. They've been a bit out of sorts thru the project of getting my shed into working order for my shop. Recently we've made great progress and I think we are on the homestretch. I can't wait to show you all the finishing projects I have in store to get it all in order. I'll be putting the online store on hiatus starting June 7th so get your orders in this week! I'm doing this because I'm going to go see my dad and my sister to start to go thru and take care of some of moms things. Then once I get back home I hope to do the final push to get the work shed done! I'm really looking forward to having everything out there, organized and ready to make you all the wonderful things I make from these amazing herbs.

I'm very excited to take Jack and Diane along with hubby and I in New Mexico Drive out into some new adventures. We never get tired of the views and the adventures!

Go! Find some fun and some adventures for yourselves too!

Be gentle with yourselves, there's only one you.

Love all of us here (Jack and Diane)&(Hubby and I)

at Desert Rose and Sage




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