Ok, so it's been ages since I've written a blog. I'm sorry, life got pretty hectic around here. But I'm back once again, getting back in the old saddle as they used to say. What will this blog be about? You may wonder? I kind of wonder about that too! lol, I use that phrase way too much! but lol seems to fit my life!. I find it easier to laugh at than cry about! Today this blog will be to catch you up on what's been going on around here!

I'm certain that all of you have had the same things going on in your life over the last few years. The road twisting this way and that as we try to make the needed adjustments to keep up with things. It's been a wild ride around here and my heart goes out to everyone who are flying down the curving road of life lately. 

Really, that's all I've been doing the last year for sure, just trying to hang on. My dad said my life is a lot like driving down the mountain at Eisenhower tunnel in Colorado with no steering wheel and the brakes just went out! Sometimes life can feel that way, but what I find to be the most useful thing to combat that is gratitude. I lost my mom this year. It's been rough, but what I realize everyday is how grateful I am that she was my mom, she was joyful, silly, adventurous, kindhearted, generous and deeply spiritual. She made me who I am and I like who I am. the tools she gave me have gotten me thru life this far and they will carry me the rest of the way too. 

With that gratitude in mind, I've carried on. Every time I pour a balm, a candle, an oil, infuse an oil with an herb, go out to cut my herbs, create desert crafts, collect rocks, clean up trash left in the desert, travel with hubby on New Mexico drives, I see her influence in my life everywhere. There is no me without her. She is who started all of this. I changed my business name to better identify who we are from stacys art studio and gardens to desert rose and sage. I think she would've loved the name.  She was so excited about my work studio/shed that i began before she got sick, we are getting close to finishing it. I will have lots of things to write about as I begin all of the finishes and the very last piece that will be going into it will be something from my mom, but I'll share that later.

I hope all of you continue to hang on as we careen wildly from one curve to another and find a spa on the road to rest for a bit at!

Love Stacy 

from Desert Rose and Sage




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