Sometimes, you just have to stop, to take the time, to take a picture, of a crow sitting on a sign, in the middle of nowhere New Mexico. Then, according to the sign, you need to take the time, to calculate if you have the time, gas, food and water for the road ahead.

On our New Mexico Drive travels we always take the time, before we travel to make sure the jeep is loaded with water, dog food, people food and gas in the tank! Things are very far apart here in this state. It's one of the reasons we named it New Mexico Drive, because to see these amazing things you gotta drive!

Time is a funny thing, it's a tricky, slippery snake that can get out of hand at times. We've all heard the sayings, ."It's how you choose to spend your time", "We all have the same amount of time", or "take the time for selfcare", And... I agree with all of that, most of the time. But sometimes, we don't have a choice in how we use our time. Sometimes, time is stolen from us, and we can do nothing about it. For example, when my boyo was in treatment for leukemia, he had no choice in how he used his time. Time was stolen from him, so that he could continue to have time. Taking time for selfcare is necessary, but that may look different at different times of your life. I remember when my boyo was little and selfcare meant, that I was able to brush my hair and my teeth on the same day and with the right brushes accordingly!  

Then there's the "time flies" and it sure does... babies grow, joyous times are fast...


The above is my mom with my boyo. These were joyous times and we're so grateful we had them..

and this? a million years ago when hubby and I were dating, More joyous times

and here we are still happy, time has passed but love hasn't.

Then there's my favorite saying, "take time" Taking time is my favorite use of time and is most often the one you have to fight for the most. When you take the time, it's the most valuable in your life in my opinion, It's the time you never regret, time you took to be with your mom at her bedside, time you took to make sure you were with your sick child, time you took to play with your babies, time you took to show love to your spouse, time you took to breathe for a minute, time you took to see something beautiful, time you took to play and laugh with your loved ones, time you took to learn something new, time you took to make something. 

Lastly, time is precious, it doesn't matter that each of us have the same amount of time in the hour, day, week, month, or year, it's all precious. We're grateful that you share a little of your time to see our travels and other silliness, and we hope the time it took for us to make all the skincare goodies, the art, photos and videos brings you some joy and comfort into your life. 

So once in while we have to stop and take that picture of a crow on a sign in the middle of..... well, you get the point....




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