view of the Sandia Mountains

Wanderings and Wonderings

There have been a few changes since the last time I wrote a blog post here. We've kept traveling and hopefully you've been following along on our instagram and facebook pages. We've had fun, we've added a little camper to our wandering abilities and the dogs have grown up!

We've also faced new challenges that have changed how we do things. The biggest change, is that I'm no longer selling natural skincare here on the website. I still grow the herbs, infuse the oil, make the natural goodies and if anyone would like any you can dm me on my instagram page. I decided to scale back because it was just too much to deal with.

Sometimes in life we have to readjust to our circumstances. Our precious boyo has been struggling with mental illness for some time now and we do our very best to support him. I found it to be too much to continue a full scale natural skincare business so I cut it back. 

There is so much beauty around us. I feel that the desert teaches us so much. It's a harsh environment, it's dry, dusty, windy, it's got poisonous critters, plants with spikes, there are dangers there, but if you stand still in it and truly look at it. You will find delicate beauty growing there, in spite of the challenges. Trees that are bent but still growing. Mountains that reach into the pure blue sky, little desert birds thriving and singing the day away. Beautiful delicate flowers, aromatic sage, blooming cactus, tumbleweeds and soft prairie grasses. If you stop to listen, you'll hear the wind and...... nothing else, there is no noise pollution there. When we go there, I learn to breath slowly, to clear my mind of clutter and to appreciate that we too can thrive, even in challenging circumstances. 

The desert fills me up when I am low.  I hope that our travels, videos and photos evoke that to you as well, as you go along with us! Remember to refill when it's needed. Whatever that is for you. We all have to take a little time to lift our heads up from the work in front of us and take a look out the window, find an adventure! And thankyou for following along in our adventures!

Love from -  the crew here!


Dennis, Stacy, Jack and Diane



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